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After earning his Bachelor of Arts Degree from West Surrey College of Art and Design in Surrey, England, Mark went on to make the filmed animated short, “Father” that would later be nominated for a BAFTA and eventually win numerous awards. Soon after, Mark started his career in earnest at the Wyatt Cattaneo Animation Studio in London overseeing the commercial campaigns of the company’s largest European brand names, including Tetley Tea Bags, Ribena and the Swiss Bank Corporation.



In 1993 Mark moved to LucasFilm’s Industrial Light and Magic to work on Steven Spielberg’s “Casper” and then given charge of the creature animation for the first “Star Wars” Special Edition. Mark soon moved on to Walt Disney Feature Animation as a supervising animator on such projects as “Dinosaur,” “Treasure Planet,” Disney World’s 3D attraction: “Mickey’s Philharmagic,” followed by “Chicken Little" and then “Bolt.”



June 2009 to June2014 - Head of Animation at The Third Floor Inc., the world's leading and only international pre-visualization company.  During his 5 years there Mark has had the privilege of working closely with such directors as Steven Spielberg ("Warhorse"), Sam Raimi ("Oz the Great and Powerful"), Joss Whedon ("Avengers"), Peter Berg (“Battleship”), Rob Cohen (“Medieval”), Guy Ritchie (“Lobo”) and Marcus Nispel (“Conan”).


Mark was hired by MPC, Santa Monica to supervise the postvis on

"Goosebumps", starring Jack Black.  He went on to work with John Favreau on Disney's live-action adaptation of "Jungle Book".


Mark took a summer job with Proof Inc. for "Star Trek Beyond" directed by

Justin Lin.


Mark is currently working for BOSA studios on Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles,

designing attractions for a major theme park in Dubai, jumping between previs supervisor and animation director.



previs supervisor

postvis supervisor






mark anthony austin

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