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Showreels and BAFTA nominated student film


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showreel 2014 - Sizzle Reel


Since getting clearance to show previs is so difficult (from the corporate studios), I have opted to show the finished result since I did all the groundwork. The camera, the action, the fx and the lighting choices were all done by me. I am still in hope of being able to show just how close the two match, but you can see examples at (the showreel).

father (1988)


This is my Third Year Graduation film from West Surrey College of Art and Design.  It was selected as the Best of British category in the international film festivals:  Stuttgart (Germany), Los Angeles Animation Celebration (USA), Gent (Belgium) etc.).  It was also nominated for a BAFTA award and was shown on BBC2 twice.


It took three months to make and was filmed in one continuous day and a half session.




Christmas break, only 7 months until graduation, and I still had no clue as to what to make a film about.  Nothing grabbed me.  I had flunked the Non-European Cultures course of lectures and so was in a bit of a bind.  The faculty accepted a creative essay as an option instead and so I grabbed it.  One of the topics was to write about your father.


Two pages into the essay I realized I wasn't writing about my father at all.  I was writing about my step father.  I guess as a child you have the ability to lock away that which doesn't conform to normality.  It was the only explanation I could think of.



I do not recall what course my essay took, but it received top grades and was asked if I'd consider making a movie about the one day that my world collapsed about me.  The day I found out my father was not who I had thought he was.


The months following that Saturday are still lost to me.  But I found my real father and we write often, I am happy to say.




Hope you like this dated film.



some Bolt work


1.  animated all first section


2.  choreographed this bike chase (which made me look into previs).  animated some shots.


3.  animated third section




Some "shot chunks" I animated in the Penny meets Thug.  Got to be animation supervisor for both Penny and the Thug.


This sequence I got to choreograph with Terry Moews.  I had a team of animators (Penny team) that did the majority of the Penny animation.  Great artists like Scott Robideau, Irene Parkins and Anthea Kerou.  It was so challenging and rewarding coordinating the entire sequence that I turned my focus to previs or previsualization as a result... and ended up at The Third Floor.


This Rhino chunk was so much fun to do.

treasure plant collection


I started on this movie with the task of filling out the skies with manta birds and space whales.

One shot has 60 space whales in it, all with unique animation.  No two are alike.  When this was complete I helped Oskar Urretabizkaia with the robocops.


B.E.N. originally had a dome or rounded button shaped head.  When "Star Wars Episode I" released footage showing their "pit droids" Disney pressed for the shape to change to avoid lawsuits from Lucasfilm.  So the character ended up with the bucket shaped head in the movie.


We animated B.E.N. with a mixture of 1's and 2's, drawing from our tradition backgrounds to help integrate him in with the 2D cast.


showreel 2009



Long Reel: showing scenes in context, which is the only way to see the performance.




Casper - Animated Casper and the Ghostly Trio shown.


Star Wars - A New Hope - Special Edition - Creature Animation Supervisor - All hand keyed.  Even the FK ropes hand keyed, the storm trooper dismounting the dewback, hand keyed. The dewback in the sand shot, animated the sand with geo scaling poking through the ground plane, large stretched spheres for the tail swish. Animated the speeders added.


Dinosaur - (Lead) Supervising Animator for "Aladar".  Lemurs were animated by other talented artists. Just Aladar.


Treasure Planet - Animated B.E.N. the robot character.  Just B.E.N.


Mickey's Philharmagic - Animated all finale shown. Had help finishing the instruments all lined up playing, Amy Smeed.  I apologize for the small format, the screen was 100ft wide.


Chicken Little - (Lead) Supervising Animator for Foxy Loxy and Goosey Loosey.  Just those two characters.


Meet the Robinsons - Animated Wilbur Robinson and the mother in all shots shown.




This reel is pre-Bolt release.  Why no Bolt shots on THIS reel.

clip from Disney's "Dinosaur" bonus material disc.

previs supervisor

postvis supervisor






mark anthony austin

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