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I'll try to collect the online reviews that pertain directly to the work i have done.  I am hoping this page will grow over time.

Glad to see some of my shots in the trailer.


Had a lot of fun with the stairs and the boy going down them.


The clown nose dragging over the floor was another.  The board artist did a great job setting mood.


Be sure to check out the trailer on


Fx guide article about the work we did on 300: Rise of and Empire.


At first we were one of three previs companies working on the film on the studio lot at Warner Bros. , Burbank.  Shortly after our first two sequences we heard news that Pixomondo had been let go from their "fog battle" sequence which we then inherited.


Halon were busy doing the long single shot of Themistocles riding his stowed away steed across the entangled ships for the final show down with Artemisia, of which i am thankful for.  Beast of a shot that!


We did all the ocean sequences.  All named very similarly which proved a mind melt.  "Fog battle", "Fire battle", "Final battle".....


It was a good stretch, we started early February 2013 and finished early May.


Link to article below.....



Edge of Tomorrow - originally titled (and i'm glad they changed it) "All You Need is Kill" - is getting good reviews.


I read the script and it was patchy, the later script flowed so well i knew this movie would be a hit.


I worked mainly on the beach invasion and mimic movement which had to be erratic and imtimidatingly so.  I hope that still is the case as i have not yet seen this movie.


It was fun impaling Emily Blunt over and over again...


Anyway i'll add a link to this review and hopefully there'll be one concerning the behind the scenes soon after release.

X-Men Days of Future Past.


Here is an article showing The Third Floor's involvement with this summer blockbuster.


Cannot give too much away but i got to work on a cool Magneto sequence which i hope made it into the film.


Also a cool basement sequence, again i cannot say too much.  Spoilers and all!!!



I never made it to the cast and crew screening so i have yet to see it myself.


Heard nothing but good things about it.  Which means i did what they pay me to do, "make awesome".....


Anway, i'll add a link below.  Main reason is that the actual page offers larger pics and even some video on occasion.




previs supervisor

postvis supervisor






mark anthony austin

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