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"Dinosaur" (2000)

Lead animator: Aladar (D.B.Sweeney), Aladar's mother.



"Treasure Planet" (2002)

Animator on BEN (Martin Short).

Lead animator: spacewhales, manta birds, robocops.

Got to actually 2D animation twice on this show.  When BEN is struggling with the wires i got to do the 2D.  When BEN pulls a tablecloth and it turns out to be underwear.  Both small and nothing yet it was a real trip for me.



"Mickey's Philharmagic (3D attraction, Disney Tokyo, 2003)

Animated the finale from Donald dropping from the magic carpet to the curtain call.  I must give a big thank you to Amy Smeed for helping finish the playing instruments.



"Chicken Little (2005)

Lead animator: Foxy Loxy (Amy Sedaris) and Goosey Loosey.



"Meet the Robinsons" (2007)

I helped out on this show, working closely with the great Dale Baer, supervisor for Wilbur Robinson.  I was already in pre-production working on Chris Sanders' "American Dog" when our scant crew were all loaned to help "Meet the Robinsons" meet their deadline.



"American Dog" (never to be made, since it evolved into "Bolt")

Lead animator: Jo Night and Ruthie.

I include this because i did a lot of my most fun work on this show.  I got to really feel a collaboration that Chris Sanders allows in his directing.  And since there is a running thread, that of an actor dog having to find his dog-self, it will never, can never be made which is a sad thing.


Lead animator:  Jo Night, Ruthie the mutant girlscout.



"Bolt" (2008)

Lead animator:  Penny (Miley Cyrus), the Thug, the thin animal control guard, the short animal control desk clerk.


One of the funnest things i got to animate was the Rhino stealth mode antics on truck, plus his climb up to the latch.  Helping choreograph the Penny scooter sequence.



Started December 4th 1995
Assigned to Fantasia 2000, Beethoven's 5th seq.  It changed direction to become a butterfly seq.  I was reassigned to some donosaur movie.
Hired in September to be the lead for the Rock Titan in Disney's "Hercules".  I asked can i not burn a bridge and finish my commitment to ILM.
The rock titan sequence was trimmed and the titan was thrown into the imprisoned grouping prior to my staring at Disney in LA.

"Dinosaur" (2000)


"Treasure Planet" (2002)


"Mickey's Philharmagic" finale (2003)


"Chicken Little" (2005)


"Meet the Robinsons" (2007)


"Bolt" (2008)

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1996 - 2009

Walt Disney Feature Animation

a drawing from the great

John Musker

Some angle studies for the new shaped head, "B.E.N." from Treasure Planet.

Dinosaur Animation Crew Yearbook Pages

more pics to come......

previs supervisor

postvis supervisor






mark anthony austin

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