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Foxy Loxy and goosey Loosey gallery.

You may be wondering how come there is such an enormous amount of character study work for these two.


Well, the story in Chicken Little was originally set in a summer camp called "Camp Yes You Can", a camp to promote self confidence.  In this story Foxy Loxy played the suspect villian * to the then female Chicken Little (voiced by Holly Hunter).


Following the Michael Eisner pitch the story was changed to an alien invasion theme.  Foxy's role was undetermined since now the aliens were the villians.


For months i was told to hang tight, hence the large amount of material.  Represented on this site is about 5% of that work.


*  The real villians were three wolves in sheep's clothing posing as camp counselors.





Foxy Trivia


Foxy Loxy was based upon a friend of mine, Kristen Burgun.


Anyone who knows Kristen knows how "animated" she naturally is.


Foxy's quirkiness is all Kristen.

Foxy Loxy was painted by the lovely and talented Carol Hayden Casey.


Carol asked me to provide some HD images of my eldest daughter London's brown eyes.  She then used these scans as Foxy's iris texture.  So Foxy Loxy has London's eyes.


One of the coolest things, don't you think?

Thumbnails for my opening shot where Foxy approaches the plate with confidence.

Chicken Little DVD Foxy Loxy Easter Egg


You can find and watch a test i did using Amy Sedaris' improv audition.  How?


From the DVD main menu highlight [PLAY].


With your remote angle up and to the side (2 o'clock).


A small hexagon will appear (see image opposite).




previs supervisor

postvis supervisor






mark anthony austin

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