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How does stop motion animation work?

stop animation
how does stop animation work

We all love watching cartoons no matter of the age. The choice of animated characters might change with the time but the passion doesn’t change. To make the childhood wonderful stop motion animation has a big hand in it.

How does it work?

The technique used for the animation to bring the stable objects to moveable beings on screen is known as the Stop Motion Animation. This technique works in the sequence of frames. In other terms, it’s like giving life to the flip book. For example, Chicken Little (2005), Treasure Planet (2002), Meet the Robinsons (2007) and many more are some movies for the animation work.

Nothing is difficult in the world; yes it takes time to achieve the expected results. The technique has been in use since years even before the CGI technique. Let us check what were the ways of the animation? –

1. Object motion - The process is of moving the objects per frame. It is a platform to create stories using any available objects to give them life.

2. Claymation – The other term can be clay animation involves the use of the clay objects in the frame. To make the objects standing stiff the wires can be used. There is no limit to creation.

3. Pixilation Stop Motion – this one is the time taking work. The number of frames are required and your patience too. There has to be control with the movement as it is the major factor.

4. Cutout Animation – This technique is a good one and overwhelming. You have to use the cut outs to give the life; 2D pieces can be made colorful and can narrate the whole story. The cutout animation is a controlled process of art to express.

5. Puppet Animation – the puppets or the figurines are a traditional way of telling he stories to children or even adults. The strings are a magic when are controlled from a professional and hazard if not controlled properly. Many a times the animators mix them with the claymation, but they are different.

6. Silhouette Stop Motion – The shadow work, here you place a white sheet and objects are placed or the actors behind the sheet with the use of a backlight the shadows are illuminated. The silhouette animation is less money spending animation.

Working of the Stop motion animation

The time consumed on the preparing of the project depends on the story and the process. If you are making a small video say about 15-30 seconds it will take around 1 hour.

Now with the updated mobile phones and the cameras and the apps, anyone can make the videos at home.

How to do the stop motion?

1. Steady camera – The cameraman and the camera is important to record the whole story so it has to be steady. The camera should be avoided for any movement.

2. Manual Job – We think using “automatic” option is life saver but ‘no’. The selection of the settings done manually works better and gives a good result.

3. Light work – The room /set to be well lit for good recording and according to the requirement of the story.

4. Rate of Frame – Try to get less frames, as it will save every ones time and other resources as well.

5. Audio – The music in background of the animation is always captivating. The fun with the music always gives a good outcome in the animation.

The animation has always given a positive result in all ages invariably of using any technique.

Have fun with the colours and the music to show a story.

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